Fukushima city,

Tsuchiyu Onsen is a Hot Spring Resort Town- everyone wants to come back.

The town has been a popular Toji ( hot spring cure ) area since old times.
YUMORI still has good and old traditions of onsen culture and we also provide a rejuvenating and unforgettable onsen experiences.
Enjoy your stay beyond the national border.


YUMORI provides 6 kinds of rooms ( 30 rooms in all ).
Semi-suites, Bed and Tatami rooms, Mix,women-only dormitories
and large rooms for families or big groups.
All rooms have air-conditioning and bathroom.
Please choose your room depending on the situation,


Our lounge is a great meeting place where the young
and old can get together and enjoy their time with the local people here.
Enjoy sharing a good time with us,
meeting new friends from different countries and learning about their cultures.
YUMORI is a great communication space and just like your home.
We are always waiting for you to come back.


Tsuchiyu Onsen Hot Spring Resort Town was opened more than 1400 years ago.
At about 60-dgrees the natural hot water has been flowing in this area since ancient times.
We keep the hot spring water proper temperature by adding some natural spring water.
The natural hot spring water with alkaline minerals is good for skin diseases and neuralgia.
Tsuchiyu Onsen is also well known as for beautiful skin, Ladies !


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