For the safety and protection of our guests and employees in preventing 2019-nCoV (coronavirus) infection, YUMORI Onsen Hostel and our sister hotel SANSUISO strongly urge everyone to take special care in regard to hygiene.
In order to minimize risks regarding the virus, may we request your cooperation as follows.

〇 As a part of the measures, antiseptic solution is placed at the lounge and each guests floor so that our guests can sanitize the hands. Feel free to use them.

〇 Frequently wash your hands with running water and soap.

〇 If you feel unwell, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk or nearby employees.

We have no guests or further reservations from Mainland China, and the proper screening the passports of our foreign guests and their health check have been strictly enforced.

In order to provide safe service to all our guests, our staff will wear face masks during their work.


Your kind understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.