Tsuchiyu Onsen is nestled at the foot of Mt. Azuma-kofuji, which is a prominent symbol of Fukushima City. Hot spring water has been constantly flowing through this town for more than 1400 years. It was originally a post town between Aizu and Fukushima City where travelers or peddlers could share news and communicate with each other.
We at YUMORI work hard to protect the good and old traditions of onsen (hot spring) culture, but also try to modernize it so that you can have a unique experience.


Tsuchiyu Onsen has a long history that YUMORI strives to keep alive and protect. By keeping the old traditions and mixing them with the new, we hope to spread our love for our special town with locals and newcomers. We encourage guests to interact and communicate with locals and other travelers to share their experiences together here at YUMORI.


Sansuiso is our sister hotel. It too has an extensive history here in Tsuchiyu Onsen and has been a very popular Japanese style hotel.
Enjoy the beautiful view of the Arakawa River, which is considered to be one of the clearest rivers in Japan, and also enjoy the ever changing scenery of each passing season.
Our motto “Providing the best hospitality ~omotenashi~ ” has been passed down for generations. We hope you have a nice time at Sansuiso and our sister hostel YUMORI.


For the longest time, Tsuchiyu Onsen has been famous as a toji (a place for relaxation and revitalization) town where the locals enjoyed congregating with travelers from afar.
Now, as most hot springs towns work, most people come to enjoy a luxurious stay inside a Japanese style hotel and rarely take the chance to go out and explore the town.
I came back to support and liven up my hometown of Tsuchiyu Onsen. I hope that YUMORI can provide an enjoyable time and place for all people, including international travelers.

Moe Watanabe
YUMORI chief manager