YUMORI lounge is a nice communication place for everyone. Enjoy getting together and talking with both the young and old, men and women in this open international lounge. The most enjoyable thing about going to an onsen is getting to chat with the other onsen goers. Let’s enjoy “Onsen Cmmunication” with them!


Tsuchiyu Onsen Town has been well known for its Kokeshi dolls. Those wooden dolls have a long history. Please enjoy reading the books about Kokeshi dolls in our library in the lounge. We have many books both in Japanese and English. Why don’t you take a breather over a nice cup of coffee?


The Shared kitchen features culinary knives and cutlery sets, a dinner service, and household electrical appliances. You just bring any food materials!



The Meeting room is on the second floor. It can accommodate up to 100 people. You can divide the room into three compartments for any meeting, training seminar, or events. Both the meeting room and the lounge can be used for music event.


There is a coffee stand selling exclusive blend coffee in the intimate coffee lounge. Please enjoy the nice aroma of a cup of coffee from well- selected beans. Enjoy a great craft beer by KIRIN Tap Marché, too !