At YUMORI, we have a public bath and four privates baths available for our guests. We use all natural 60-degrees hot spring water for our baths and temper it to an appropriate temperature by adding mountain spring water.
The alkaline minerals from the natural hot spring water is good for skin diseases and neuralgia. Tsuchiyu Onsen is also well known as for beautifying skin!


Our stress-free large public bath is always brimming with hot spring water from its natural source. Spread your hands and feet and relax in the large bath. We welcome not only our guests staying with us, but also day trip visitors.


We have four private baths available for reservation. Len and Ran are our white tiled indoor baths, Kaede is our cypress indoor bath, and Tsubaki has two baths—and indoor and outdoor bath attached.

Hot spring details: simple hot spring / efficacy: hypertension, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, neuralgia, skin disease, gynecology, coldness, etc.